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Khanect the Dots to Lead Nonprofit Content Marketing Lab at Content Marketing World 2019

July 24, 2019 - Most nonprofits know the importance of your cause, but how do you build a strong case for support, communicate it, and leverage content marketing to yield the right results?

Khanect the Dots will be leading the Nonprofit Forum at the Content Marketing World 2019 Conference & Expo, to be held September 3-6, 2019. The Forum itself will take place on the last day of the conference and will feature key subject-matter experts, including Khanect the Dots's very own Creative Director, Maliha Khan, and Operations Manager, Nouman Saleem. Other presenters include John Kreicbergs from Propaganda 3, Tayyab Yunus from the Center of Muslim Philanthropy, and Willis Turner from the Sales & Marketing Executives International.

The Forum will address the following:

  • Understanding the need for support

  • Effectively getting buy-in from the C-Suite

  • Communicating the case for support through a content strategy

  • Documenting a content strategy

  • How to develop a year's worth of content

  • Branding your organization through a publication

  • How to produce content that sticks

  • Balancing the needs between compelling content and customer triage

  • How to manage an omni-channel marketing plan on a shoestring budget and limited resources

For more details on the Nonprofit Forum, click here.

Khanect the Dots is a digital marketing firm committed to helping nonprofits thrive. For questions, please reach Maliha Khan at

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