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At Khanect the Dots, LLC, we take pride in every single project that we work on. From small and medium-size businesses to large-scale companies, we work with a wide range of clients and help tailor strategies to launch them on the path to success.

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Digital Magazine

When it came time to revamp the association's monthly PDF newsletter, Maliha's suggestion was to turn it into a digital magazine. Maliha utilized the golden opportunity of capturing content at the annual conference in order to help the association embrace content marketing. The launch of the magazine was accompanied by a website for readers who opted to go completely digital. A select quantity of the magazine was printed for distribution at regional events and conferences. The redesign project received the KCIABC Quill Award of Excellence in 2018, and was selected as a Best of Show Finalist. At KTD we know that all clients need a winning, creative approach, and that is our focus when handling a project.


Logos & Branding

We loved working on this Branding Campaign for the Islamic Center of Northland Kansas City. It was a project that truly gave us a chance to give back to an organization that we personally care about. Aside from the logo and branding, we've also helped fundraise via the "Combat the Hate" social media campaign in 2016 when the newly built Mosque was vandalized.


Digital Newsletter

Now, more than ever, it's important to adopt digital solutions that achieve a similar purpose as traditional marketing tactics do, but only better. ASET's print newsletter was transformed into a digital website. An SSO login feature was added to make it convenient for members to access the content, while some unlocked content was made available for non-members. The unlocked content was also used to level up their social media engagement. The site being mobile-responsive was the biggest game-changer, making it easier for Neurdiagnostic professionals to access content while on the job. Taking the newsletter digital helped track readership statistics, which better informed the association on what type of content is in demand.

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Website Redesign

This website redesign project was a huge accomplishment for ACBSP. The revised web content strategy was based on member behavior patterns and current UI/UX trends. The fresh new look of the mobile-responsive site was well-received among members. At KTD, we strive to implement the best digital solutions for your business.


Event Branding

One of our absolute favorite project types is event branding. Whether you need large signage, a pocket schedule, a conference handbook, floor decals, or marketing collateral - we can help you make your event memorable. Pictured here is an example of large signage displayed throughout the event featuring a cohesive look.


Large Signage

KTD designed this Media Wall signage for Muhsen to give the brand a facelift. There are many options when it comes to large signage and we'll help you find the best fit for you.


Product Marketing

From e-commerce websites to the product packaging itself, we're no strangers to product marketing. Pictured here are two books a part of series catered towards Neurodiagnostic Professionals.


Custom Projects

This special banquet program was worth all the hard work and dedication. Maliha recreated the seal that ACBSP places on its certificates for this program. The silver foil was the perfect touch to make this piece come to life. Do you have a special design project of your own in mind? We'd be happy to bring it to life.


Social Media Strategy

Keeping up with social media algorithm changes is a job on its own. At KTD, we can help amplify your social media engagement, whether you need a month-to-month content calendar created or event engagement strategies put in place. CelebrateMercy's Twitter followers nearly doubled to almost 8,000 and Facebook fans also doubled to over 400,000 in only six months. Talk about results! Social Media doesn't have to be another item on your to-do list, we've got it covered.

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Silver AMPS KC Award for Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaign

Social Media Club of Kansas City


Best of Show Finalist, KCIABC Quills Award of Excellence 

Kansas City Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators

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Maliha does amazing work, meeting deadlines and working very effectively in high-pressure situations. 

I came to her on short notice after a different designer fell through and she was able to put together a beautiful project for my organization that looked professional, artistic and didn't break the bank.  She is a real team player and very easy to work with.  I highly recommend her if you're looking for someone to give your organization a new, innovative look!

Ahsan L.

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