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ACBSP Impact Magazine Receives the KCIABC Quill Award of Excellence in Digital Communication

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

The Kansas City International Association of Business Communicators recently awarded Maliha Khan, Creative Director at Khanect the Dots LLC, a Quill Award in the Digital Communication category for her work at the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs on the ACBSP Impact Digital Magazine.

Maliha served as the Editor for the magazine and helped enhance its digital footprint. She launched the magazine's official website to improve the association's digital presence and content marketing plan. Maliha also created, what she calls, a content bank with articles housed in advance to use for publication. The purpose of improving the magazine's design and full embracing the definition of it being a digital publication was 1) to showcase how the association has evolved in the 30 years it has existed and 2) to help the association embrace content marketing in hopes to publish content that resonates with its membership base and target audience. Content published on the website was also shared via social media. Metrics were tracked to see which articles ranked best and which subject-matter peaked the audience's attention the most. The magazine also was selected as a Best of Show Finalist for the category.

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